Mail System


1. Mail System:
    The Mail system is a very important part of Myth War Online, and aims to make player interaction more convenient and fun.
    Sending a letter costs one Envelope Bag, which can be bought from the game's Item Mall.  


2. Function introduction:
   1. NPC's can send mail to the players.
   2. Sending mail to a player who is blacklisted is not allowed.
   3. The text of a letter can only contain 256 characters at most. And the subject can only contain   64 characters at most
   4. Only one tradable item can be sent at a time.
   5. The parcel that has no stated content in the text will be deleted directly once the item is taken out.
   6. Mail can be saved for 15 days at most.


3. Other matters need attention:
   1. It's not allowed to send mail to yourself.
   2. But you can send mail to other characters in the account; through this the characters in the account can share Gold and most items.
   3. Remember to check out the addressee before sending mail, or you may suffer Gold or item loss.
   4. You can send an item to a player using C.O.D function to ask the player to pay it first before taking it out. You can use the C.O.D function to advertise your item too.
   5. Only one item can be sent at a time. If you want to send several items, you have to send several letters.
   6. After confirming paying the C.O.D item, the money will be sent to the addresser.
   7. If some players help you, you can send them a letter or an item to express your gratitude.
   8. The subject of the mail sent by the game server is red, which differentiates from that of player sent mail.
   9. At most 10,000,000 Gold can be sent in a letter.

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