Computer Graphics


TDT has taken a different approach to aim for realism with cartoon rendering to generate stylized animations in computer graphics. Graphic characters are made in the game with realistic character proportions and cel-shaded rendering. Cel-shading is a type of real time rendering that strives for hand-drawn animation in computer graphics, similar to the animation style in many Disney classics. The beautiful 3D graphics featured in the game have captured players imagination and made them believers in the quality of 3D.


The virtual environment in Myth War II Online is represented with 2D drafting and 3D modeling. Each scene has uniquely delicate designs to create a real-world model for players to discover. The crisp September days on the Sunset Plains and the setting sun in Outcast City are indulgences to be enjoyed for a moment before plunging headlong into the next scene. The game has established a standard of performance for motion graphic effects complexity and real time-based visual design. 


On the other hand, the hyper realistic combat scenes generated by its computer graphics techniques will blow your mind. The halo around weapons wielded by Heroes are vividly stunning; the voice made by Sorcerer when casting spells makes you quiver with emotion; the crying when someone is killed by the Cyborg is so miserable it will haunt you for days.


With its full color graphic design and 3D rendered hand-drawn images, MW2O has reproduced a world of cartoon animation for the 21st century.

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