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In Myth War II Online, most players are willing to endure certain hardships in order to possess one piece of Armor of Dream. Gear like this gives the owner the confidence of never being overpowered in battle, as it possesses diversified attributes and overwhelming defensive power, as well as the power of ancient deities channeled into the wearer.



Diadem of Serenity: Badra

Once a tribute from High Elflord Pasolini to Paladin, God of Strength, Paladin then gave it to his servant, Badra, to honor his supreme loyalty. The Diadem of Serenity is made of stones from the Dark Portal with Pasolini’s lavish praise on Paladin inscribed. This helmet weights 2 tons, and can only can be worn by the strongest warriors like Badra. It is immune to all element magic.

Gear up: Defense +1500 and gains of 40 points resistances to two random schools of magic.



Heavenly Armor: Roda

Boasting flawless defense and made by Roda, God of Forging, 1000 spirit stones were used to craft this Heavenly Armor. Roda spent his whole life creating this one piece of body armor that represents an unbeatable force and exceptionable defense. Its wearers will be immune to all physical and magic attack. Roda regarded it as one of his best works and had this gear named after him.

Gear up: Defense +3000, gains of 125 dodge ratings and granting a resistance to one random school of magic and physical attack.



High Elflord’s Enchant Boots

These boots belonged to High Elflord Pasolini and were tailormade by the best shoemaker in the Elf race. Nether Dragon beard and monster hide were collected and sewn together to help boost agility for its wearer and many times, Pasolini killed his opponents by giving them no chance of striking back. Later, a fallen elf stole these boots before a war broke out. Pasolini was killed by rebel forces in the war and now this pair of boots is the only piece of Armor of Dream without a name.

Gear up: Agility +350


Ordain Warden: Lelouch
These boots were originally made by Rhadamanthus, the greatest blacksmith in Myth War history. He used Dragon Blood to smelt the metal and named the boots after his son Lelouch. They were passed down as a family heirloom to every leader of the Order of the Crown in Blython. Anyone who wears Lelouch will be immune to stunning magic, chaos magic and hypnotization because of the unknown and powerful force of the dragon’s blood. The boots are sometimes known as Ordain Warden.
Gear up: Attack +4000 and gains of 25 resistance to stun, chaos and hypnotize.


Fiery Heart: Perrot

One of three undead bane weapons, this necklace was once worn by the Dragon Clan Elder, Maslow. The prowess of the seven Nature’s Elements, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Darkness, Light and Thunder have been instilled into the metal, and Perrot and Maslow’s spirit guard it. The necklace is capable of overpowering all attacks with Nature’s Elements. As the Dragon Clan declined, Perrot was taken by the surviving dragons to the Icy Wilderness to wait for someone to revitalize it. Are you the one chosen by fate to take possession of Perrot?
Gear up: 30% increase in drain resistance.


Asura Charm: Jaar
This necklace was another of the three undead bane weapons and was once worn by Darkness God, Morgion. It is permeated with the smell of death and is cursed to lead people toward a gloomy fate. Anyone who wears Jaar is immune to the black magic of Death, Poison and Frailty. In the first God’s War, the necklace was destroyed by the Flame God, Cirion with his Sword of Fire. It remains a puzzle who helped bring this necklace back to its original shape using five soul stones. But everyone now knows that this latest incarnation is more powerful than the original!
Gear up: increases death resistance, poison resistance and frailty resistance by 75 points.


Draconic Necklace: Satan
The final member of the three undead bane weapons, this necklace was worn by Hades Tucker. Hades Tucker killed Satan, the rebel of Dragon Clan and took the blood inside his heart to create this necklace made out of gems from his underground kingdom. This necklace can help to increase its wearer’s max HP and was destroyed in the first God’s War, later restored by the God of Forging.

Gear up: increase the max HP by 24000

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