Shapeshifting System


Players can change their appearance by using different Shapeshifting Potions. For example, a Player can become a Capilla by using the Capilla Shapeshifing Potion. After shapeshifting, the player's attributes and abilities will both change.

Besides Monster Shapeshifting Potions, there are also Cursed Shapeshifting Potions which can transform players into a chest, a tree or a bucket and so on.

There is no limitation for using Shapeshifting Potions. The Shapeshifting Potion will disappear after being used, but the effect won't disappear until player's login again after logoff.


2.The way to obtain Shapeshifting Potions
Players can obtain Shapeshifting Potions by attacking monsters in certain areas. If players are in a group, the Shapeshifting Potion will be distributed to a certain member randomly.
Players can also directly purchase Shapeshifting Potions from the Item Mall.


3.Use Shapeshifting Potions
The Shapeshifting Potion will be kept in the player's inventory. Move the mouse to the Shapeshifting Potion and players can find out about its detailed information, including the monster name and the attribute and ability bonus after shapeshifting:

Click the "Use" button after selecting a certain Shapeshifting Potion. Then a usage window will pop up, after clicking the "Use Shapeshifting Potion" button, this Shapeshifting Potion will be consumed and players will be transformed into a corresponding monster.


4.Shapeshifting Potion Function:
Each Shapeshifting Potion has a fixed value, different Shapeshifting Potions will increase player's attributes and abilities differently. For example, the value of a Capilla Shapeshifing Potion is HP+1%, MP-2%, AP+3%, SP-5%, Anti Chaos +3% and Anti Fire-2%. Players will have their abilities changed according to the values in the Capilla Shapeshifing Potion after use.

Because different Shapeshifing Potions have different ability bonuses, it is very important to choose a suitable Shapeshifing Potion during certain battles.

Shapeshifing Potions can upgrade some abilities but weaken other abilities at the same time. Players need to have some idea of what their strategies will be before usage.


5.Shapeshifing Potion Effect Duration:
Effect Duration:  The effect will last for 8 hours, including appearance and ability bonuses whether players are online or offline.

Replacement Effect: The shapeshifing effect cannot be accumulated. If the player uses a second Shapeshifing Potion while still online, the latter effect will replace the former one.
Reductive Potion: It is used for restoring the player to their default appearance.


6.Group Effect:
Same System Bonus: The more players who use the same kind of Shapeshifing Potion, the greater the effect performed by the players in the same system. For example, players of the "Dragon" System, players of the "Human" System and so on.

Different Appearance Bonus: Using the same kind of Shapeshifting Potion, the more appearances there are, the greater the effect will be. For example, the players of the "Dragon" System can transform to a different appearance.


Notice: Players can only obtain a corresponding Shapeshifing Potion while having transformed to the anterior monster.

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