Server 【Dragon】 Top-up event


In order to ease the pressure on the old server, In response to the enthusiasm of the majority of players, in order to active game atmosphere, to provide you with a better gaming experience, more partners, more challenges, we opened the Dragon server on 2020-05-07, As well as the new service wealth race Need for animal, holy equipment and ingot rewards waiting for you to come and collect! ,


【Event name】: new server group recharge competition


【Event time】: From now to May 31 (Sunday) 23:00


【Server】: Dragon


Event Targets】: All mall buyers are welcome to participate in this event.


【Event Award】:

Top 1: Wind Pterosaur *1, 10000 ingots

Top 2: Flame Phoenix *1, 6500 ingots

Top 3: Glitter tiger *1, 4000 ingots

Top 4-100: 1600 ingots


1. TDT reserves all rights for the final judgment of the event rules and rewards.

2. Top charts:


Thank you for your support.

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