How to apply for a registration code


First of all, we set up the registration code to deal with some users' abuse of registration, potential payment fraud, and malicious behaviors such as game damage. if you want to register a new account, the registration code will be required, the following is how to get the registration code


1. You need to send the following content to our support center email for review; if you already have an account, you can send us the information of any of your accounts;

2. if you do not have an account, you can seek a friend who has an account For help, you can send his account information to us for review, and indicate in the email that this is your friend’s account.

3. If you have neither an account nor a friend with an account, then I’m sorry that you cannot apply for a registration code temporarily;

4. If the review is approved, we will issue you a registration code via email

5. Registration code applications with more than 5 accounts will not be approved

6. Registration code applications with a record of violations will not be approved

7. The following is the content of the email you need to send


Note: The following information is the registered account information of the recommender


account: <Please fill in the referrer’s game account here>  

character name: <Please fill in the referrer’s game character name here>

character id: <Please fill in the referrer’s game character ID here>

Number of registration codes: <Fill in the number of registration codes you need>



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