Permanent Ban on Accounts Engaged in Real Money Transactions


Dear Players,

We would like to remind our community that adherence to the game's rules is mandatory for a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. In light of recent events, we are compelled to take strict action against practices that violate our terms of service.

Effective immediately, any account found to be involved in real money transactions will face a PERMANENT BAN with no possibility of reversal. This decision has been made to preserve the integrity of our game and provide an equal playing field for all players.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining a clean gaming environment and will investigate reports of misconduct diligently. If you witness or suspect any violations, we encourage you to report them to us. Rest assured, each report will be thoroughly examined in conjunction with our behavioral logs to ascertain the validity of the claim.

Please note, however, that false reporting is also against our community standards and will not be taken lightly. Should an investigation reveal that a report was maliciously fabricated, the reporter will also face punitive measures.

By playing our game, you agree to our community guidelines and terms of service. We urge everyone to compete honestly and respect fellow players. Together, let's keep our community safe and fun for everyone involved.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

[TDT Team]

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