Version Update


Update time: 1th December
Version number:
Server: All Servers
Time: Around 7:00 a.m (EST)
We will be updating MW2 to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. at 7:00 EDT(20:00 HKT) on 1th December. Please get offline ahead. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Website new function:
1. Ingots recharge
2. Recovery Email
3. Messages

1. Jump to IGG website bug has been fixed.
2. Market channel can not speak bug has been fixed.
3. Adjusted the price.


The new version( is available
Official download:

If you can not download,please try to use the following address for download:

Alternate download link 1:
Alternate download link 2:


File name: mw2_setup_2.0.0.2.exe
Size: 698491120 Bytes
Modify time: 2015.12.1日, 0:22:36
MD5: 4EC39FA045D37D0FB157C861648C915B
SHA1: EDB434AF650C09E08CB97120A3F1CFB0178F7DE7
CRC32: 40F18AF9

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