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Time inevitably brings change. Rarus Continent is a diverse land crawling with many intelligent creatures and replete with lush green forests, verdant meadows and dry wasted deserts. We're going to be taking a trip to see these things for ourselves, so why not come along and join us. The first leg of our trip will be a tour of the lovely Woodlingor.

Woodlingor is a city populated by elves. In general, elves are gentle and benevolent and have a deep and abiding love for and connection to the environment. The care they have taken in constructing the tree dwellings and the seamless mix between elf and nature means that Woodlingor is a truly "green" city.

With its "green" focus, the usual array of cozy cottages and stylish wood houses add to the organic natural feel of the city.

Pay a visit to the teleport sites, which are always busy, but never crowded. Set up a stall and do business here. With all the passersby, business is a breeze.

Woodlingor, a city at harmony with nature, and the world.

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