When choosing to use a Borg in MW2, the first important decision is whether to use the Male or Female. They are both physically strong and have high HP growth. A constantly improving proficiency in Borg skills by a Male Borg will help a Male Borg upgrade his teammates' attacks. While the improvements made to a Female Borg's resistance will help her teammates get better resistance bonuses. Borg's are natural fighters; they were literally made for it. The Drain skill they wield is also essential when fighting the top BOSSes in game.

Skill Overview:
Drain: Used to drain target's HP and MP
Reflect: Used to reflect physical damage back at targets
Repel: Used to reflect magic back at targets
Enhance: Increases target's attack power for several rounds. Exclusively for Male Borg's.
Protect: Increases target's resistance for several rounds. Exclusively for Female Borg's.

In general, all skills learnt by Borg are assistant skills. It is because of their supplementary roles in a team that makes them so important in combat. Besides, their famous Drain skill Borg's possess is a great deterrent for characters in other classes with naturally low MP in combat. Besides all the background, the main question we will be answering today though is, how to make Borg function best in a team by modifying their attribute stats.

Attributes Modifier Secrets:

1. STR Borg:
Every time STR Borg level up, they are rewarded with 4 attribute points. Pump these four attributes points into their STR and the left over one into their STA. In this way, you can play alone while speeding up leveling with less spent early on. Another way to modify attributes points for STR Borg would be to add all attributes points into their STR after leveling each time. It is a risky way to go to maximize a STR Borg's physical attack damage, but it's main drawback is low HP.

2. AGI Borg:
Ah, the legendary AGI Borg's…There are two ways of modifying their attributes stats. One of them is putting three attributes points into their AGI and the other into their STA to ensure enough HP. In doing so, AGI Borg will be able to kill mages quickly, but level up slowly. Giving up the Borg's natural edge in high attack damage and turning to spells is quite innovative and has been proven time and again. The other way to modify an AGI Borg's attributes points is to power level their AGI with all four attributes points. Being totally dependant on their quickness with their Drain skill in combat is risky, but when used correctly can be well worth it. Once they make their first move, their opponents will lose all their MP, which if you're a Mage means you're a sitting duck.

Borg's natural Reflect and Repel skills, powerful resistance to magic and fearsome attack damage makes them the organizer and nucleus of a team in combat.

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