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Quest Introduction:
Duan living in Demon Square is very rich. He is so busy that he needs your help. He promises to give generous reward if you are willing to help him. Don't miss this good chance to become rich!


Players can accept this quest from Duan in Demon Square (383, 603). Talk to the Duan Servant in Demon City (386, 596) if you want to give up this quest. There are 100 rounds in total of this quest. The one who can finish all the 100 rounds will obtain rich reward and plenty of Gold.


The main purpose of this quest is to increase players' amount of Gold and also it has chance to obtain special reward from this quest. The types of this quest can be separated into Pass Message, Send Goods, Slay Monsters, Answer Questions and Ask Friends to Send Goods, 5 types in total. After the 20th round, every 10 rounds of this quest will cost 1 point of reputation. The quest can't go on if reputation point is not enough.


Quest Steps:
Step1: Accept this quest from Duan in Demon Square (383, 603).
Step2: According to the description of this quest, players could talk to next NPC and go on with the quest.
Step3: Continue the quest till finish all the 100 rounds of this quest.
Step4: If players want to give up this quest, talk to Servant of Duan in Demon Square (386, 596).


Quest Object: All Players

Quest Reward:
Basic Reward: lots of Gold and have chance to obtain special rewards: Caring Feather, Rumor Scroll, Treasure Map and some drugs.


Ultimate Reward: Super Dragon Stone at some rate, an important material to forge from level 10 to level 12 equipment.


Companion' Reward: During the segment of Ask Friends to Send Goods, the ones who had helped send goods can gain half of the gold reward as captain and special reward at some rate. And captain can obtain 2-5 times gold reward than usual.

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