Treasure Hunt Quests


Newbie Chest

Quest Introduction:
We are holding the "Newbie Chest" Event in order to help our players get enough gold and medicine during the beginning practice period.

Quest Procedure:
In the players' birthplace-Sky Passage, there are 20 chests; which will appear every 15 minutes. The chests will randomly hold gold or medicine for our Newbie players to collect.
Quest Target: Players below level 20
Quest Reward: Gold or medicine

Treasure Grabbing

Quest Introduction:
If the players find a box outdoors, then a strange series of events will be initiated. Players may obtain experience points, money, ore and gear. They may also enter a mysterious place.

Quest Procedure:
1.The System will announce the boxes information. Five boxes will appear in certain places of the appointed maps at random.
2.After the player opens the box, a mysterious event will be initiated. There is a chance to obtain treasure or to receive a punishment.
3.The box will disappear after the player clicks on it. 15 minutes after the first ones, new boxes will appear again randomly in the appointed maps.
Quest Target: All players
Quest Rewards: Experience points, Money, Ore and gear

Fire God's Treasure

Quest Introduction:
The purpose of the quest is to balance the relationship between the monsters and the players and to give the players a chance to possess better gear, so that they can complete the more advanced quests.


Quest Procedure:
1. Accept the quest at the Fire defenders (32,59) in Blython. He asks the player to find the Fire God's treasure in the Ashes Pit 3.
2. There are four Bosses in the Ashes Pit 3, they are the Sword Demon, the Blue Lich, the Ogre and the Fire Giant. They can drop weapons, cap, armor and shoes respectively. Players must defeat them in order, beginning with Sword Demon. Once a Boss has been defeated then the player will get the chance to obtain the corresponding gear.
3. Once a player initiates a battle with one of the Bosses, then the four Bosses' locations will change randomly.

Quest Target: All players
Quest Reward: Resistance Gear level 7-level 10

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