Rumour System


Rumours are quests given by rumour scrolls that drops randomly from mobs you encounter in battle. When a rumour is spread and the required number of people sees it, the rumour will
become the truth and thus, your reward will be based on the rumour itself.


Steps for rumour quest:

1. Obtain a rumour scroll through mobs


2. Bring the scroll to the Whisperor (322,60) who is located at Elder's zone in Woodlingor


3. Give him (Alt + G) the rumour scroll


4. Choose the NPC whom you would like to spread the rumour to


5. Get 20 lvl15 and above players to click on the NPC that you have chosen to spread your
rumour to in the given amount of time

6. When 20 lvl 15 and above players has clicked on the NPC and saw the rumour in the given
amount of time, your rumour becomes the truth and you will receive your reward.

*Note: You must be at least level15 to be able to spread a rumour

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