Mine Battle System


System Introduction:
There are six exploited mines in the desert area and the scorched earth area on the MythWar Mainland. Only the two mines in Desert City and Demon square cannot be owned, but they are open for all players to exploit.
Guilds need to join in the Guild War or the Mine Battle to obtain the dominion of the other four mines.
After a guild has dominated a mine, the guild will accumulate more construction points and will also be provided with a great deal of gems, ores and enchanting materials. Besides which, the guild members from the Mine Battle will obtain contribution points, as well.


Mine Battle Time: (Only on Server 3)

Open Time

Mine for grabbing


Occupation Period

8:00pm—10:00pm every Tuesday

Flame Ruins Mine


From Wednesday to next Monday

8:00pm—10:00pm every Thursday

Badlands Mine


From Friday to next Wednesday

8:00pm—10:00pm every Friday

Bone Desert Mine


From Saturday to next Thursday

Non-Battle Mine

Devil's Gate Mine


From Monday to next Saturday


Mine Battle winning requirements:
The guild which accumulates the most points will be declared the winner
If many guilds get the same score, then the guild that has the largest number of members joining the Mine Battle will be declared the winner.
If many guilds get the same score and have the same number of guild members joining the Mine Battle, the guild who has entered the Mine Battle first is the winner.


The requirements of joining the Mine Battle:
Players who haven't joined a guild or haven't signed up cannot join the Mine Battle
Players with level50 or above can join the Mine Battle alone or in a team.
After the battle, the mine will belongs to the guild of the captain, so it is recommended that players should join the teams from their own guilds.


Join the Mine Battle:
Sign up for the Mine Battle:
The guild leader can sign up for the Mine Battle at Mineral Reconnaissance Point in the Trading Zone of Woodlingor on Server 3 and pay 2 million Gold pieces, this will be open from 0:00 until the battle begins on the open day.
The champion guild this week cannot sign up again.
The registration fee will not be returned to the guild if they fail.


Enter the mine:
When the battle starts, players can go to the corresponding scene and enter the mine through the Side Steeple--the entrance to the mine.
Only guild members who have registered can enter the mine.


Grab the mine:
When players enter the mine, they may fight against players of other guilds. After defeating the opponent, the player can obtain points.
The losing team can join the battle again after three minutes.
When the time is up, any players still fighting will not receive further points.


Large Open Mine Battle:
The Devil's Gate Mine will be rewarded to one of the top four guilds and other mines must be grabbed by the guilds through the Mine Battle.
If the champion guild of this week hasn't taken up any mine, it will be rewarded with the Devil's Gate Mine. Or else, the runner-up will obtain the Devil's Gate Mine. Should the first three guilds have taken up a mine elsewhere then the Devils' Gate Mine will belong to the fourth guild.

Taking up the mine:
Acquire the mine's resource:

The member of the winning guild can enter the mine through the Side Steeple--the entrance to the mine or be teleported to the mine.
During the occupation, the Mine Diggers will be announced regularly.

After entering the mine, players can challenge the Mine Diggers at a cost of contribution points. After defeating the Mine Diggers, the player will obtain some mine resources and guild construction points.

The number of Mine Diggers is related to the size of mine. When all of the Mine Diggers are destroyed no more will be refreshed.

The Mine Diggers only appear at 9:00 everyday, when one is defeated another will turn up until all of them are destroyed.

If all of the Mine Diggers haven't been destroyed before 10:00pm then no more will be refreshed that day and the rest of Mine Diggers will turn up the next day.

Mine Size

Mine Digger Number









The mine rewards:

Value Materials

Carnelian value 150-200

Big Gem

Gem level 11-13

Super Dragon Stone

Used to forge weapon level 10 or above

Big Gold Ore

Used to forge level 9 weapons

Medium Gold Ore

Used to forge level 8 weapons

Small Gold Ore

Used to forge level 7 weapons

Big Copper Ore

Used to forge level 6 weapons

Medium Copper Ore

Used to forge level 5 weapons

Small Copper Ore

Used to forge level 4 weapons

Big Iron Ore

Used to forge level 3 weapons

Medium Iron Ore

Used to forge level 2 weapons

Small Iron Ore

Used to forge level 1 weapons

Medium Gem

Gem level 5-10

Small Gem

Gem level 1-4

Exquisite Opal

Used to make clothes to capture the essence of evil Spirits

Common Opal

Used to make clothes to capture the essence of evil Spirits

Coarse Opal

Used to make clothes to capture the essence of evil Spirits

Guild Construction Point

Guild Construction Point 2

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