Dear fellow pirates,
Your pet is the most loyal ally in combat, no ifs, ands, or buts...  That is why everyone takes so much pride in them. People go through so much effort to continually maintain their pets in the hopes of constructing the perfect combat companion that is capable of pushing the boundaries of our imaginations! No matter how skilled your pet happens to be, it needs to build up good resistance to at least guarantee that it will survive some physical or magical damage that it receives in combat. There's three basic ways to build up your pet's resistances, and you can read about them below!

Using Pet Eggs
When you give a pet egg to Koradji Liena, you can change a pet's natural resistance to the pet that the egg came from. However, if you have used a magic crystal, you will be unable to use the Pet Egg to change your pet's natural resistance.

Use Magical Crystals
There are 7 different types of magical crystals that can be added to pets at Level 30, Level 50, Level 70, at the 1st rebirth, and at the 2nd rebirth, with the purpose of increasing the pet's resistance. Magical Crystals can be found on the Mall's shelves. You can also receive Magical Crystals as a reward for some events... Keep an eye out on the official news for more details on when these events occur.

Give a Magical Crystal to Koradji, and then you will be asked what type of resistance you want. Once you have picked an option, it will list random resists based on what type you desire in a new popup window. From there, you can make your choice of which resist you want to pick and how much to raise it. If you think the choices aren't good for you, you don't need to accept it. Magical Crystals will be lost no matter if your pet gets the resist or not. You can use a magic stone to save the resist possessed by a Magical Crystal. If you cancel the process of raising your pet's resistance, you can still use the same type of magical crystals to improve the resistance next time.

Use the Stones of Curses
A Stone of Curse is used for resetting a pet's resistances. Once it has been used on your pet, the resists will be wiped. Resists added to your pet through pet eggs or magical crystals will be cleared, and the natural resistance template will be all that is left.

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