Leveling Quests


Quest introduction:
Current slain quests are only suitable for high-level players; low-level players will find it too difficult to pass the test of monsters. To practice the slain quests, we have kept some of the old slain quests and opened some new level1 slain quest fit for level 20-50 players.
Quest reminding: This part is suited only for high-level players


1. Start the first-ring slain quest by defeating the Spirit Wolf near Sunset Field (130, 70).
2. You will be asked to defeat the Fallen Spirit along the Southern Rivage after defeating the Spirit Wolf.
3. Then you will need defeat Bonepoker in Flamingor
4. After defeating Bonepoker, you need travel to Bone Desert to defeat Eyebasher.
5. After beating the 4th-ring boss, you will have to go to Flame Ruins to defeat the last boss. After defeating him, the slain quest is complete. The number of times you complete this quest is accumulated, 5 rings per round and 10 rounds at the most. The accumulation will reset after 10 rounds. The more times you finish this quest, the more experience you will gain.


Quest object: Players between level 60-80


Rewards: Lots of experience and talent points.

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