Deific Title Quests


    The Myth War continent has several times, in its long, fateful history been destroyed in war and then rebuilt. The four races whose responsibilities are to protect the Myth War continent are unknown to everybody. It is up to you to glorify your race and maintain peace and stability on the continent.

    So, brave warriors, its show time!


Quest description:
    When players reach Level 20, they can go to visit the Deific Envoy and receive the quest.
    One after another, players must complete the quest ten times. Each time players complete the quest, they will be rewarded with EXP, gold or a Deific degree. Rewards will be increased the more times the quest is completed.
    Deific degree can be used by players to take part in the election of a deific title. The top 13 players with highest Deific degree will be granted the title of deific title, which will promote rewards' level.
    Players will be double rewarded by completing quests in the first two rounds everyday.
    When completing the quest you must not exceed 10 rounds. The quest can only be completed by players themselves or their party leader.
    Players can talk to the Deific Envoy to cancel the quest. Or players can choose to give up the quest in the quest log.


    Players must be Level 20+.
    The times the quest is completed must not exceed 40 each day.


Quest description:
    The quest will be for collecting, punishing the betrayer, catching pets, collecting information and ruins discovery. When players receive the quest, the system will randomly assign them different ones to complete.
    Whenever players finish one round, they may be given an opportunity to accept a mystic quest. The reward for completing the mystic quests will be ten times the reward for completing common quests. 


Common quest introduction:
    Collect: The Deific Envoy will ask you to find the ruins of an ancient battle and bring back some Honor Fragments to him. Players can collect enough Honor Fragments by killing monsters.


Punish the betrayer: The Deific Envoy will ask you to punish some betrayers.


Find ruins: The Deific Envoy will ask you to find and clean your racial ruins.


Collect Holy Weapon: The Deific Envoy will ask you to collect racial equipment and bring it back to him.


Catch pet: The Deific Envoy will ask you to catch a monster and bring it back to him.


Mystic quest description: 


Kill Ghostdom Envoy: The Deific Envoy will ask you to kill the Ghostdom Envoy. Players will be rewarded by killing the Ghostdom Envoy by themselves or asking someone to help kill the Ghostdom Envoy instead of them.
    The Ghostdom Envoy is Level 80. So only players Level 80+ can successfully challenge.


Quest description for different races:
    Human: Information: (Human Intro) The Templar will give you a piece of information and ask you to give it to a certain NPC. The NPC will then assign you a simple quest to complete.
    Mage: Spell magic discovery: (Mage Intro) Rabb will ask you to defeat an NPC. You come back to him after completing this quest.
    Centaur: Salvation: (Centaur Intro) The Light God will teach you to find souls waiting for salvation. Players will meet monsters when they are searching for souls.
    Borg: Escort: (Borg Intro) The Templar will ask you to escort the Connector and help him to find a certain NPC.





Character EXP

Increase Character's Level


Increase Pet's Level


Currency used in MythWar

Deific degree

Used by players to take part in the election of a deific title


Deific degree Used by players to take part in the election of a deific title





Blessed Berserker

Rank 13

Discoverer of racial honor


Blessed Dark Knight

Rank 12

Chaser of racial honor


Blessed Paladin

Rank 11

Torchbearer of racial honor


Blessed Thug

Rank 10

Decipher of racial honor


Blessed Stranger

Rank 9

Disciple of racial honor


Blessed Saint

Rank 8

Giver of racial honor


Guard Dark

Rank 7

Owner of honor


Guard Evil

Rank 6

Nympholept of honor


Guard Saint

Rank 5

Pride addict


Prayed Dark

Rank 4

Prayed announcer


Prayed Evil

Rank 3

Prayed executor


Prayed Saint

Rank 2

Prayed propagator


Prayed Commander

Rank 1

Prayed ruler



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