Windfury Warrior


Hurricanes appearing recently hit cities in MythWar and generated disastrous economic losses. We're hoping for more brave players joining with us to destroy them.

Quest description:

At 0:00 everyday, a group of hurricanes ranging in level from 1 to 14 will be produced. Every time a hurricane is destroyed, the system will produce another one with same level within 1 hour. Provided that a hurricane at a certain level is not destroyed, it will automatically disappear and a new one with same level will be produced at 0:00
Damage produced by hurricanes depends on their levels. Rewards given by destroying hurricanes are as varied as the hurricane's levels. Players must challenge them one by one from lower levels to the highest level.

Duration:Access available all day. Auto refreshed every hour.



1. Exp
2. Gems
3. May be granted titles of Windfury Warrior or Aeolus by destroying hurricanes above level 5
4. Players may get Armor of Dreams by destroying hurricanes above level 5



Hurricane 1

Sky Garden

Hurricane 2

Revive Arena

Hurricane 3

Snow Ridge

Hurricane 4

Sunset Plain

Hurricane 5

Southern Rivage

Hurricane 6


Hurricane 7

Bone Desert

Hurricane 8

Tumulus, 2nd Floor

Hurricane 9


Hurricane 10

Flame Ruins

Hurricane 11

Devil's Gate

Hurricane 12

Cursed Abyss

Hurricane 13

Fog Jungle

Hurricane 14

Withered Forest

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