Rebirth Quest


Quest Description:

As you complete the first five steps of this quest, you will be given each of the 5 unique Soulstones and come to possess the awe-inspiring magical power that stirs within them. You will become a true hero of MythWar. All the devils and monsters will shiver with fear upon meeting your steely gaze. People from all races will cast their admiring and jealous eyes on you. Your name will be the most beautiful poem to escape the mouth of Bards. You will be an eternal legend.


Gradually, you will become tired of everything. You expect to increase the strength of your power and magic, to experience more risks and legends, rather than indulging yourself in your past honor and pride, in people's insignificant praise. But you can't find someone capable enough to teach you to take that next step, if it even exists. So you decide to seek help from ancient legends and Gods. According to the ancient legends, the 5 Soulstones can revive the long dead Gods from ancient times. You will acquire detailed information from the Elder of Faith. With it you can revive the dead Gods with the 5 Soulstones and the Deity's Blood. But you have to pay the price for it and will be thrown into the agony of transmigration. The revival god will help you obtain much more power and magic in your next life. The process will be torturous but the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Take the first step in the journey for the Deity's Blood in a morning.


Quest Item:

"Deity's Blood""Given when completing the quest to seal the demons.
"5 Soulstones":Given when completing the first five steps of the quest.



Step 1:Go to Snow Ridge (107,38) and visit the Elder of Faith. Once players confirm being reborn, they will be asked to find Deity's Blood and revive a God. The Elder of Faith will tell players that the Dark Priest on the fifth floor of Tumulus(151,179) is guarding some Deity's Blood. Players must kill the five guardian beasts to obtain the Deity's Blood.

Step 2: Players must enter Tumulus (151,179) and find the Dark Priest. He will tell players that the key to unsealing the Deity's Blood is hidden by monsters here. Players must fight against them to get the key and give the key to Dark Priest. The seal on the Deity's Blood will be broken. Players must then kill the 5 guardian beasts to get the Deity's Blood.

Step 3: Give the Deity's Blood to the Elder of Faith. He will refine the Phantom Crystal by mixing the 5 Soulstones and Deity's Blood together to revive the gods. Give the Phantom Crystal to the Elder of Faith and confirm being reborn. Players who are reborn will automatically log off. The next time they are online, the rebirth is complete.

Step 4:Once a God is revived, the revival god will appear at Snow Ridge (107,38). The system will announce the revival. From then on, players above level 20 can challenge this revival god and get rich rewards by defeating him. Besides, players can go to Snow Ridge (107,38) and find the Reborn Guardian to get rewards.


Attended by:

Players Level 100+ who have completed the first five steps of the quest. Additionally, spells must all be Level 50+ and players'reputation must reach 200.

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