Plot Quest



As the tale goes, souls of all mortal beings need a place to be born again. This place is known as the Somberness World ruled by the Dark Queen. In fact, the Somberness World is the location of the five hells and is guarded by Element Beasts into which ribs were transfigured by Titans. In early days when the whole universe was just created, in order to win the definite control of Somberness World, the five Element Beasts talked the Dark Queen into rising against Gaia. In a bloody battle, a destructive explosion caused the Life Tree at the world’s center to die. The Titans sealed these five Element Beasts into the five stones. As punishment, they tied the Dark Queen to the Icy Stone beside the dead Life Tree to cause her great suffering for 50000 years.


 Soul stones are really mystical things. Their owners can summon the Deity Beasts sealed inside to help them in combat. When these five stones are gathered together, their owners will get a 50% attribute bonus increase and gain special attributes. If their owners fall into production class, the attribute bonus increase will be interpreted as a higher HP and speed in mining. Soul stones can be a security risk for the whole world once they are controlled by the gods, because it gives them and their lackeys extraordinarily high bonuses to their attributes. From the day when the gods are the owners of these stones, history will begin to repeat itself. The whole world is doomed; and the balance between the different creatures living in the world will be destroyed.


In remote ages, the powerful soul stones were formed. Now they are overwhelmingly fearsome weapons that everyone covets. The whole history of Myth War will be about the scramble to be the owners of this power

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