Equipment Splitting System



This system should be used as a source of scarce materials for refining gear and makes full use of redundant gear. Players can acquire pure gear, ore and gems just to name a few after disassembling gear that's already been modified. In this way, resources are recycled back into the game and gear that might have been simply been discarded once, can now be used to aid in refining new and better equipment.

Target: All players


System Function:

1. Disassemble the attributed gear into white gear without attributes
2. Disassemble the gear into gems with the same level.
3. Disassemble the gear into ore with the same level.


1. Prepare a piece of gear with attributes (weapons, helmets, cloth or shoes) and purchase a Stone of Rainbow Bag in the Item Mall.
2. Find Enchanter in Demon Square.
3. Click him and choose the target item that needs to be disassembled, such as pure gear, gem, ore.
4. After selection, drag the gear into the corresponding interface, the first column being for gear, the second column being for the Stone of Rainbow and then click "confirm".
5. After confirmation, the items will be put into the gear column automatically.

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