Equipment Improvement System


The days of the AOD gear type reigning supreme are over. The aura of amazement surrounding the AOD gear pieces has begun to fade away. The Holy Sets, known for their greater defense, improved stats, and ability to be enhanced and enchanted, have shifted a great deal of attention away from the AOD gear pieces. Here are the secrets to enchanting Holy Sets...


Create a Holy Set piece.
Before you can enchant a Holy Set, you must empower your forging skill by grabbing the +11 forging mastery title. The Master Forger in Demon Square will be offering you many useful lessons to make sure you are fully prepared. The Smith Helper will help you raise your forging mastery levels until the +11 forging mastery title is received. Go to Woodlingor, and speak with the Holy Enchanter. He will provide you with the following menu:

 • Choose "I want to refine a Holy Set."

• Place a Carnelian and a Super Dragon Stone into appropriate slots.
• Click Confirm to generate a random Holy Set piece. Using a high level Perfect Carnelian will improve the quality of the final product.

Changing Holy Sets

 If the piece does not fit your character's class, you can choose "I want to change my Holy Set" to bring up a window that allows you to set your gear piece and diamond into the slots. Click "Confirm" once you have done so to change your Holy Set's class. As a side note, Holy Sets that have been enchanted can not change their class without using a rainbow stone to wipe out the stats added from the enchanting process.

Enchanting Holy Sets

 Choose "I want my Holy Set enchanted" to open the enchanting interface, where you can place your Holy Set piece and Carnelian into the slots provided. Click "Confirm" to finish the enchanting job.


 The stats that are added to your piece from enchanting are randomized. Patience and luck are required if you want to craft a piece of equipment that satisfies the stat template that you are aiming for.
 There are many other ways to take your Holy Set's power to new heights as well. The methods are easy, but efficient at making the Holy Set pieces far more useful.

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